FuSa Process Support

Process Flow Design

We can help you design your process-flow systems for product safety compliance. Process flow design lets your product designers focus on what is important. It ensures that your project parameters are completed accurately and efficiently. Our ISO 26262 Compliance process flow provides a clear visual overview of all the tasks and relationships involved in the process. This will help you improve your product development by clearly visualizing your process flow to help you see bottlenecks and identify improvements more clearly.

Functional Safety Kits

We provide ready-to-use safety tool kits for our OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients in accordance with ISO 26262. Our kits are aimed at clients who develop systems, components, software, hardware, and documentation to achieve safety compliance. These checklists and templates are created by a team of functional safety experts.

ISO 26262 documents can be lengthy and difficult to understand. Our kits provide easy-to-use guidelines for ECU manufacturers in order to create their safety policies and documentation. These kits may also be used by our clients to gain an understanding of the functional safety standards that must be followed to achieve safety compliance with their products. These safety kits offer immense time-saving capabilities while also making your safety compliance process, design, and documentation easier and fool-proof.

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Our safety checklists will provide you with the considerations that will help you plan your safety compliance activities in a systematic manner and help you avoid errors. The safety features required to achieve ISO 26262 compliance and the accompanying risks are mentioned. We also provide suggestions for improving existing conditions from our industry veterans.

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Our templates are designed to produce professional and accurate documentation that can assist you in reporting your activities. The templates are designed keeping in mind the ISO 26262 guidelines. You will not have to rewrite or renew your documents. When used in conjunction with our checklists these templates will help you design and rework your products easily.

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Our clear and concise guidelines will help you break down the complex ISO 26262 Process Flow. It will help you create a traceable flow from requirements, design, to verification.  This will help create traceability for your product design workflow and reduce errors. You can cut down on development costs and time while also creating a transparent design process.